FAQ for all your Doubts

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How many accounts can i have?

Only one.Having/Creating Multiple accounts will result in permanent ban of the account and also IP Ban.

How do i Login?

Email and password that you used while signing up are your login credentials.Use them to login.

What is the Activation time of my contract after the payment ?

Your can add funds to your On-Site Wallet by paying in Bitcoins. After the funds have been added you can buy shares instantly.

Can i use other wallet to buy the shares instead of my registered wallet?

Yes, but you need to send the accurate amount of btc to address displayed to you at the time of payment sending un appropriate amount of btc may be considered as unrecognised payment and will not be displayed in your user-account.

Can i update my wallet address later after signing up?

No, the wallet address cannot be changed once after sigining up.

How much is the minimum deposit?

0.01 BTC.

How much is the maximum deposit?

100 BTC.

How much time it would take to withdraw the funds?

Once you initiate the withdraw request they are processed with in 2-24 hrs.

What are you going to do with my investment?

We are having a team of professional traders .We place your funds in the shares and trading the earned revenue is shared between the users.

Is my investment Refundable?

No,you can only withdraw the revenue generated from your account.

I am looking for somthing big. I want to invest high. How?

For large contracts ( above 150 shares ) please contact our support.

What is referral commission?

You will get the 5% of the each deposit done by your referral.

What are the transaction charges?

We are keeping fixed charges per transaction as applicable fee (ie) from(0.001btc-0.02btc)-0.0005 will be charged & from(0.02btc-10 btc)-0.001 will be charged.

Can we select the withdraw amount per request?

No, you will be only able to withdraw the whole balance in your account deducting the transaction charges.

What are the reputation points?

You will be getting these reputation points depending on your referral deposits.

What should we do with reputation points?

You can redeem them for btc by pressing the redeem button.

At which rate can we redeem the reputation points?

You will redeeming them at a rate of 0.0005btc for every 1 reputation points you get.

What is the profit to the company?

We are the company which is do not in money as a power right now. we accompany our user with 139.5% and the remaining 0.5% will be charged by the company as a fee for managing shares.

Which games did the company develop till now?

We only provide a service for the companies to complete their contracts which are involved in gaming.

Can we withdraw once we deposit in the hashtrunk account?

No, you can only withdraw the revenue generated from the DAILY-1.5 and Bit-RAIN.

How much is charged for each bitcoin transaction?

From To Fees
0.00 btc 0.01 btc 0.0010 btc
0.01 btc 0.05 btc 0.0015 btc
0.05 btc 0.10 btc 0.0018 btc
0.10 btc 0.50 btc 0.0038 btc
0.50 btc 1.00 btc 0.0058 btc
1.00 btc 5.00 btc 0.0150 btc
5.00 btc 10.00 btc 0.0250 btc

Why does the bitcoin network charges so high?

The charges are not imposed by the company. They are being charged buy the bitcoin network for the earlier transaction confirmations.

What happens if I transfer bitcoin with low network fees?

The miners may not take the transaction fees .so the transaction may not be completed.

Why is the amount increasing after the invoice during payment?

The gateway charges are applied at the time of transaction as they are not charged by the company. We do not display the charges charged by the company.

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